I am deeply grateful for his service. It will not be forgotten…PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA

Jul 10, 2017





President Uhuru Kenyatta Tribute

I learned of the death of General Nkaissery last night. It is news that fills me with deep sorrow.

I had the pleasure and the privilege of working with him for years, both when we served together in Parliament, and during my term as President where he has been an inspirational and dedicated Interior CS. Throughout that time, I found him an exceptional public servant. He was direct: he did not mince words. He was efficient: he did not waste time or resources. He was a patriot: he loved this country and all its people, which is why he dedicated his life to protecting it, and to keeping Kenyans safe.

In each and every one of his roles, he served with distinction. I am deeply grateful for that service. It will not be forgotten.

At the appropriate time, we will begin the process of choosing another Kenyan to take up his duties. You will be kept informed during that process.
My thoughts and prayers this morning are with General Nkaissery’s family. May God give them the strength and courage to bear this loss.

May God bless the soul of this patriot, and may he rest in eternal peace.

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